Best Affiliate Software For WordPress


OSI Affiliate software is created for businesses, organizations, or whoever who wants to grow their customer base and increase sales through affiliate programs. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner because this software is designed to cater for every need. If what you need is something basic, they have it for you, and if you’re looking for an affiliate software with more integration and features they’re also the right one for you. Unlike others they also show you the value of the resources you already have such as your existing customers.

Signing up would be easy for your customers and website visitor because all they have to do is enter their email address. Sharing to social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like is made easy through a share button. Whenever your affiliate has a successful sale, everything would be tracked automatically by OSI Affiliate Software so you won’t have to manually do it and you could reward your affiliates correctly. There are different ways to reward them such as through commissions, discounts, gift cards, coupons, and you can also run contests in order to incentivize them. OSI Affiliate software aims to see you reach your goal because your success is theirs as well. This makes them work harder to have better performance compared to others.


Post Affiliate pro helps e-commerce sites and online stores monitor and track their affiliate program. A lot of businesses who have services online need affiliate marketers to reach more people, increase their customer base, and increase their sales. This software helps businessmen manage their affiliates easily even as the numbers of members increase. Post Affiliate Pro helps you monitor everything including payouts, and the only time payouts are released when a successful purchase by the referred person is complete.


iDevAffiliate is a platform developed for affiliate tracking and managing of commissions. It also allows users to manage payout structure and commissions easily and more effectively. It features a lot of things such as payouts, reports, templates for marketing, shopping carts, billing, and others more. With this software you would be able to set your own payout and commissions as well as set them as percentage based, recurring, PPC, flat-rate, PPA. You could also set as much as 10- tiers payout levels or as much as 100 primaries.  They also offer monthly training for affiliates in order to teach them how to generate more revenue. When choosing this software you have the option to choose cloud based or license based. It gives you more options and flexibility. This software has every feature you would expect from a quality software such as technical support, stability, and a user friendly interface.


Affiliate Royale allows you to manage and track your affiliate software. Their installation is similar to other solutions so if you have tried others, it’s more likely for you to know how to use this one easily. This software, unlike others doesn’t need monthly or annual fees because they only require a one-time payment as you buy it. You can also use this for multiple e-commerce sites. Their tools allow site owners to track their affiliates and manage relevant things like payouts easily. This and other tasks could be done in a single window for increased productivity and less waste of time from switching from one window to another. To set up Affiliate Royale, all you have to do is download and extract it so it would work together with your WordPress.


LinkTrust is a lead generation and affiliate software in one. It is designed to be able to help businessmen track as well as optimize their online marketing campaigns while providing the user with reports that are real time and analytics that could be used in order to help the user make smarter business decisions. Ad agencies, Marketing firms, networks, and advertisers would be able to utilize digital technology to track calls, ads, sales, leads, networks and affiliates. They also made sure that creating and managing an affiliate program is seamless, easy, and effective. LinkTrust would help you in designing, running, and managing your affiliate program. It’s loaded with capabilities and features that any affiliate program would need in order to be successful.  You could set traffic caps, filters; you can also monitor events and steps that would happen on your site too.

This software allows fast and easy integrations with different business applications and systems. They’re flaunting their robust APIs that allow you to work with different software. Through your dashboard you would be able to view every business related information you would need, as well as all your marketing reports. You would also be able to easily see your data from company financials, CRMs, Google Analytics whenever you would need to. You could also share your dashboard with other people whenever needed. Capturing, selling, buying leads and selling them are made as easy as possible with LinkTrust.


LeadDyno is an automated system used for trouble-free operations of an affiliate program that allows users to track where the leads come from. This software could also be used for recruiting affiliates and for helping them reach their goal by sharing on social media channels. Social sharing works with any website. This software is very profitable because the only time you pay is when your affiliates should be given commissions. Your sign up page would be created right after you sign up for a LeadDYno account, it would then be hosted at (yourdomain), your sign up page is customizable and it could be embedded on your site. Whenever you have new affiliates leaddyno would be sending an email to welcome them to your affiliate program. This email will hold every information they would need to know in order to get started such as their unique referral link, and a link to their affiliate dashboard. Through the affiliate dashboard, on click sharing is made possible.


Affiliate WP is built as a WordPress PlugIn, it’s an affiliate management and tracking software. It was developed by Pippin Williamson and Andrew Munro who are the persons behind easy digital downloads. This software beats others because it’s cost effective and it offers good control over your affiliate program. This is actually a new system in the market and WordPress plugin developers use it to market their products. If you need a small group of hand-picked affiliates this one is definitely the best for you. Also, there’s no monthly or annual fees because you just have to pay one time.


ShareASale is a very popular affiliate network that offers affiliate management that’s very easy to implement. It also has access to a lot of different affiliate networks and marketers. This software has been around for over 13 years already and they have facilitated more than 8 million merchants. ShareASale does a lot of automation and saves users a lot of time.


Impact Radius offers affiliate marketing solutions that only needs you to pay for the affiliate who works for you and not the fees of the network. This makes it cost effective because you only pay for the number of affiliates you work with and the platform only. The solution you choose should be based on your own budget and needs. If you can invest into the one-time set up fee then ShareASale is definitely the one for you. There are thousands of affiliate marketers waiting and ready to make getting started easier for you. but if you want monthly subscriptions they also offer that but it’s based on the affiliates that you work with. This software also has better tracking and insights compared to the others out in the market. For businesses that pay a larger amount in payout this is ideal for you because you won’t have to pay for network fees anymore.


WordPress users use ThristyAffiliates because it allows you to manage your affiliate links easily even if you’re right in your WordPress blog. Inserting links into posts is made easier, and checking the statistic or performance of the link in your site is also made easier. They also offer a consistent redirection link instead of seeing something random. This feature makes your visitors confident that they clicked the right thing instead of seeing something random which they might close because it might be a virus. They are filled with more features that you would definitely benefit from


Here are 10 best affiliate software for wordpress and a little something about them to make it easier for you to choose.

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