Best Affiliate Software For Wix


This software is created for entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations of different sizes. If you are aiming to grow your customer base and increase your sales through affiliate programs, OSI Affiliate software would definitely help you. This software would be able to help you whether you’re a startup or a huge company because they were developed to be flexible. OSI Affiliate Software makes sure that you see the value of the resources you have such as your customers. Grow your business with the help of OSI AFFILIATE VS GO AFF PRO.
Signing up with OSI Affiliate software is as easy as typing in your email address. Your affiliates would also have the ability to share on social media channels easily. OSI Affiliate also tracks every successful sale for you and allows you to set when to give rewards and what type of rewards to give. There would be a time where you would need to try contests; OSI Affiliate software has a contest managing feature to help you easily manage it. Grow your customer base without spending much money with the OSI Affiliate vs Referralrock.


Post Affiliate pro helps online stores and e-commerce sites track as well as monitor their affiliate program. Different businesses that have services online need affiliate marketers to reach more people, grow their customer base, and increase sales. Post affiliate pro helps businessmen manage their affiliates no matter how many member they get. They also help you make sure that you’re on track by monitoring everything as well as payouts, and they only release the payouts when transactions are completed.

How To Add New Affiliates:

From your Admin dashboard, click on configuration then click on affiliate sign up.

This is where you can customize your affiliate sign up page. From here on the top most part, you will find the link to your affiliate sign up page. 

When you click on the affiliate sign up page it will open to the sign up page you set up.

Another way to add affiliates is by going to Affiliates, Affiliate Manager, and then you can add the affiliates one by one by clicking on Add Affiliates, or by importing.

When you click on Add affiliates this is what you will fill out:

When you import affiliates you fill out this form, upload the .csv file and import. 


This platform is developed for affiliate tracking and managing of commissions. iDevAffiliate also allows users to manage payout structure and commissions easily and more effectively. It features a lot of things from payouts, reports, to even templates for marketing, shopping carts, billing, and others more. This software allows you to set your own commissions and payout, you can set them as recurring, PPC, flat-rate, percentage based, or PPA. You could set 10 tiers, or even a hundred primary. And to make sure your affiliates know how to generate revenue for you, they provide monthly video trainings. When you choose iDevAffiliate, you could choose cloud-based or license based. With them you have more options and better flexibility to make sure you get to decide what you want for your business. Lastly, their features are high quality and they offer more than the basic features found in the same price range.

How To Add New Affiliates:

Click on Affiliates, then click on Approved accounts, on the bottom you can find import accounts. 

From affiliates, approved accounts, you can click on Tools, and from the drop down you’ll find Import Affiliate Accounts. This can be used when you have existing affiliates on a different software. 

You can also click on Create An Account to create a new account for your affiliate. 

Once you click on create a new account this page to fill up would show up. 


With Affiliate Royale you can track and manage your affiliate program easily. Their installation process is easy and simple, and unlike others they offer a one-time payment instead of an annual or monthly plan. This software could be used for multiple sites and their tools and features would definitely make things more hassle free for you. with Affiliate Royale, you could multitask because you can find more than one tasks in a single window and use them at the same time without switching tabs for increased productivity. All you have to do to get started is download and extract it.


This lead generation tool is an affiliate software as well. It was designed to help companies track and optimize their affiliate campaigns while being able to provide real time reports and analytics to their customers. This reports and data would definitely help a businessman make better information-backed business decisions. A lot of people and companies use LinkTrust such as Ad agencies, Marketing Firms, networks, and affiliates. If you want seamless software to help you with creation, running, and managing an affiliate software this one is definitely effective and easy. You can design your affiliate program to make it more personalized too.

LinkTrust allows easy and fast integrations with different business applications and systems. Their robust APIs would be able to work with other software smoothly. There are many things to see from your dashboard such as marketing reports and other business related information.  Your dashboard could also be shared when needed.


LeadDyno allows trouble free automations and operations for your affiliate program. They would also help you track where your leads come from. LeadDyno could also be used to recruit affiliates and not just for helping them reach their goal. Their social sharing button works with every other website to make sharing more easier. Many people choose this platform because there aren’t any other fees aside from commissions whenever your affiliate gets a successful sale. The moment you sign up, you can already create your sign up page and personalize it to match your business. They also send a welcome email which contains every detail your affiliate would need to get started right away. LeadDyno is makes running your affiliate campaign easier than ever.


Affiliate WP is an affiliate management and tracking software which was developed by Andrew Munro and Pippin Williamson. These developers are the people behind Easy Digital Downloads. Affiliate WP is known to be better than other software because it offers you better control over your affiliate program and is cheaper in price. Their available affiliates are hand-picked to make sure that you have the best.


Shareasale affiliate program has become incredibly popular since it is secure and reputable. You could also open a merchant account in shareasale, when you have merchandise to promote and prefer to increase your income. So it happens to be simple to conclude, the affiliate network is ideal for both affiliates and merchants. When you have the prospective to pick adequate merchandise and absolutely aware about innovative promotional tactics, definitely the odds of staying prosperous in affiliate marketplace will increase immensely. For anyone who is just introduced to affiliate marketing there’s always a will need to undergo shareasale review and unearth out your probability of earning on the internet revenue via affiliate marketing. There are selected core ideas which you need to recognize just before becoming affiliate. It is frequently needed to apply most up-to-date Search engine optimization tactics that are liked by search engines like google. Apart from techniques, updating your website with correct and superior quality written content is very important.

9. Tapfiliate WooCommerce Affiliate Program

Tapfilliate allows you to set up your own affiliate program easily. They have a lot of integrations that would be useful for your business needs like WooCommerce, CampWire, WordPess, PrestaShop and others more. They allow customized payout structures and commissions and they also make sure you could be flexible with giving incentives because they know that every business have different needs and capabilities.

10. Ambassador

GetAmbassador or Ambassador is an affiliate marketing software that would empower your marketing team to increase customer acquisition, as well as the revenue and referrals through maximizing the power of word of mouth. They make affiliate marketing simple by automating recurring tasks, enrolling process, tracking, customer management, rewarding, influencers, affiliates, as well as other advocates. Referral marketing programs are scaled, implemented, and optimized rapidly because of these.  Ambassador is one of the private companies in America growing fast and is being used by huge companies such as SunPower, SAP, NutriBullet, and others more.

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