OSI Affiliate Software vs Refersion



OSI Affiliate software is a software filled with integrations and features. It’s developed for companies of different sizes and makes sure no matter how big your company is you would be able to manage a referral program effortlessly. This software would help businesses increase their sales while growing their customer base. Whether you’re an expert or a newbie, you would be able to benefit from the features it has. This software allows you to start right away because it makes sure you realize the resources that you already have, your customers. Your website visitors would be able to sign up just by entering their email address, from their dashboard they would be able to share your products to their social media channels with a single click.

And the successful sales they get would be tracked through their unique link, and when their referral is really successful they would be given rewards depending on what you set, you could give coupons, gift cards, and commissions. And if you need to run contest, OSI Affiliate has a contest manager to make that way easier. Admins would be able to check the sales statistics, data, commissions, right from their admin dashboard, and your affiliates would have their own dashboard that would allow them to check their progress real-time.


Contest Manager- you can create referral marketing contests in order to gain more sales and traffic to your website by motivating your affiliate’s to be more goal driven. In their contest manager feature you would be able to create a contest, run it, and manage it.

Social Media Referrals: Social media referrals are made more achievable with OSI Affiliate Software. They enable your affiliates to share on social media right from their dashboards with just a single click.

Net Promoter score email: A net promoter score email allows you to see who among your customers would be sharing you. When a customer scores high, it means that they are the ones who are more likely to share you and you should invite them to be part of your affiliate campaign.
Discounts: Your affiliates could receive discounts and also give them to get more referrals. When a person signs up with a coupon, both the referrer and referred would get a commission. This feature makes it possible to create a marketing loop, which is very good for your business.

OSI Affiliate Software Pricing Plans:

Basic which is $47.95 per month

  • With 20,000 Tracking Requests.
  • With 200 Affiliate Users.
  • With free Setup.
  • Which allows you to Use Your Domain.
  • It has a Directory Listing.
  • There are No Transaction Fees.

Professional – $97.95/month

  • With 500,000 Tracking Requests.
  • With 1,000 Affiliate Users.
  • With Free Setup.
  • With allows you to Use Your Domain.
  • It has a Directory Listing.
  • There are No Transaction Fees.
  • It has Advanced SEO Software.

Premium – $147.95/month

  • With 1M Tracking Requests.
  • 5,000 Affiliate Users.
  • With Free Setup.
  • It has Use Your Domain.
  • With Directory Listing.
  • There’s No Transaction Fees.
  • It has Advanced SEO Software.


Refersion is an easy to use, well integrated affiliate marketing platform. Both publishers and brands would have an easy time signing up, that feature allows both the merchant and affiliate to use the network right away and widen their reach to achieve their goal to increase their income. This software shows you the amount of converts and click you get real time. This also allows you to know where your referrals come from and the time where you have more chances to gain a successful referral, so you can use those information for strategies you may use in the future. For affiliates, they would be able to see the brands who are making an offer. There’s a marketplace available where affiliates could simply see who needs affiliates and simply pick products to promote.


Straightforward set up- Businesses would definitely need Refersion to get started in their online store. This straightforward set up allows them to build their campaign on their own terms and customize it to make sure that platform looks just the way they want it to look. Once you are done setting up, you would be able to see the conversions and click live.

Real time results- business reports and analytics are show real time to make sure you can take action right away. Having this allows you to make business decisions real time.

Automation: it has a lot of automation available. It could be very time consuming to do tasks manually, and there could be more important things to put your time on. So, Refersion made sure they are loaded with automation so you could have more time for other tasks. You could also set when you want rewards and other emails to be sent.

Refersion Pricing Plans:

Refersion offers three SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business:

Starter per $19/month

  • With Up to 30 Affiliate Orders Tracked Monthly.
  • It has Unlimited Affiliates & Visits
  • It has a Flat Rate Pricing.
  • It has an Email Support that’s very helpful.
  • It comes with a Free Refersion Marketplace Listing.
  • It has a Developer APIs.

Professional –which is $89 per month

  • It Has All Starter Plan Features.
  • With Up to 130 Affiliate Orders Tracked Monthly.
  • With Commission Setting by Product or SKU.
  • With Sales Tracking.
  • It has Custom Reports.
  • With Integration Assistance.

Enterprise – By quote

  • It has All Professional Plan Features.
  • With Unlimited Affiliate Orders per Month.
  • It has Dev Support for Integration.
  • It has Content Migration.
  • With Training.
  • It has Multi-Shop Support.
  • It has Custom Development.
  • It has White Labeling.

Conclusion; Which is better?

A lot of people have a hard time managing their affiliate campaign while managing their business, the reasons for affiliate software is to make managing easier. There are many available options for software, which could make it a bit overwhelming. A lot of apps are bloated with unimportant features. Now in this review, OSI Affiliate software has definitely made a difference and is more featured filled. Because of its simplicity, the developers of OSI was able to make it feature filled. It definitely has everything you need, good to your pocket, it’s well-integrated, and it’s easy to setup.

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