LeadDyno vs Refersion Comparison

Refersion and LeadDyno are both referred affiliate management apps in Shopify. They are both good but they also have differences. Read on to learn more about these two.

LeadDyno Overview

LeadDyno helps businesses manage their business and track the generation of leads. Businesses use this not just to make the work of affiliates easier but also to engage affiliates. It helps them advertise, boost sharing and sales from social media channels.

Refersion Overview

This web-based app allows marketers to manage their affiliate marketing campaign and increase sales. It also updates company managers about their team activities, referral sales, and feedback from clients.

It’s an all in one application for payments, referral management, tracking of conversions, and creation of reports. This makes rewarding top performers possible.

Comparison on the pricing

Their pricing structure is one of the things which makes it very different from each other. Refersion’s monthly fee is based on the generated sales of the company, it starts at $19 per month for 30 sales, $89 for 130 sales and if you go over that you can get a custom price. For LeadDyno you can charge depending on your traffic per month, the price starts from $29 for as much as 1,000 visitors every month. $49 per month for 3,000 visitors, the price goes up to $349 per month for as much as 500,000 visitors. For more traffic volume there’s a custom price available.

Benefits of Refersion’s Pricing structure

Their monthly fee includes unlimited monthly visits. No matter how much visitors you get, you pay for the same rate. So regardless if you get less or more visitors unless your number of sales increase your fee won’t change. Grow your customer base without spending much money with the OSI Affiliate vs Referralrock.

What I don’t like about Refersion

Their $19 plan doesn’t include all the features. For example if you want to track sales through email, SKU, or discount codes, you would have to choose plan $89 per month because that’s where the feature could be found.

Benefits of LeadDyno’s Pricing Structure

Every plan they have includes all their features. It’s cost effective for those who need all the features but are getting minimal traffic only.

What I don’t like about LeadDyno

They become a bit pricey for online stores that has a good number of traffic coming from different sites such as PPC or organic searches because the monthly fee is higher since they offer complete features from the very start.

Which Pricing Structure is better?

For stores who have prices from medium to high would find Refersion more suitable for them. But for start-ups and small stores LeadDyno would be the more cost-effective route to take because you would only have to pay for the volume of traffic. There’s no definite answer to this, it all depends on your business needs, one might be more cost effective in the beginning but as time go by it could turn out more expensive because you’re growing. Just make sure to choose whichever would work best for your business now and in the future.

Which has better features?

LeadDyno and Refersion both have similar features, they actually are both a complete package when it comes to having a good affiliate management app. When it comes to the best features for the pricing, LeadDyno has every feature they offer in any plan you choose.

Features they both have:

  • They both have unlimited affiliates.
  • They both can track through discount codes.
  • They can both track through URLs.
  • They could both assign customers to a specific customer, so an affiliate receives every
  • urchase that customer make.
  • Both allow affiliates to link to any product or page.
  • Cookie duration could be controlled.
  • Sub IDs could be used for both software.
  • They allow you to have different rates for each affiliate.
  • Both allows you to set commission rates for each product.

LeadDyno features that Refersion don’t have:

  • It has unlimited sales because you pay the number of visitors not sales.
  • You can set commissions as recurring for months or forever.
  • It allows you to have parent affiliates who will be receiving commissions because they referred sub-affiliates.

Refersion Features that LeadDyno Don’t have:

  • Unlimited traffic is offered by refersion because you pay for the number of sales you get not the traffic you receive.
  • It has a tier commission feature which provides payout based on gamified structure, affiliate sales or others more. Essentially an affiliate can earn more from a higher commission when their volume of sales increases. Get more info about Best Shopify Affiliate Apps.
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