Best Shopify Marketing Strategies


1. Referral marketing programs

There are a lot of different reasons to use referral marketing, it’s a marketing strategy priced lower than the rest, there’s less risk, it’s effective in increasing your customer base and a lot more. When you use referral marketing, more people would be able to find your business through links; this is also one of the reasons why your business would rank higher in search results. Now, a lot of people are asking whether referral marketing really works or not, the answer to that is definitely a YES. Most of the time, your referrers are customers, and when your customers recommend you they usually share your brand to people they already know such as family and friends. Given that your customer already tried your products, the people they invite would trust their recommendation. Buying decisions are more likely to be influenced when recommendations come from people who are trustworthy.

A lot of people become intimidated with starting a referral program, little did they know, software like OSI Affiliate makes referral marketing so much easier by having all the features anyone would need and by allowing setting up automations.

OSI Affiliate Software is specifically built for referral marketing, they aim to make tasks easier and less time consuming through automations especially for recurring tasks. They have a lot of perks such as providing resources to every business size without having to invest a big amount. They might seem like a regular referral marketing program at first glance but as you try it out you will realize that it could cater to any business because they are filled with integrations and features that are useful in increasing sales and customer base.

2. Make your Ad spending strategy better

It’s a good idea to be experimental in your ad spending, when you regularly try different variations on your keyword bids it could lead you to finding good niches. Google AdWords are good software to use if you aim to attract qualified visitors and let your store show up on Google whenever people use your keywords in searching. Aside from Google, Facebook ads have been starting to pick up and gain popularity. Just make sure to go around and stick to the one that works for your business.

3. Produce More Product Reviews

Studies has shown that when your conversion rate by as much as 14 to 76% when you have reviews about your online store. This totally makes sense because it creates social proof; reviews are like testimonials, your visitors would be able to know what people who have bought from you think about your products. It also optimizes your content for search engines; reviews would give your page more content and would increase the chances for your site to get a hit for long tail keywords.

4. Make sure your customers can get what they want easily

You can really lose a lot of customers when your website design is bad. There are many reasons your website could be designed badly such as having it look untrustworthy. If you don’t have good content for your product descriptions, your website is hard to navigate, and you don’t have a clear value proposition, then your website is really suffering from a bad design.

Sometimes, even if you have made your value proposition clear, if you made it easier to navigate, and if you have improved your product description content, you could still have ecommerce design mistakes that need correction. Remember to make sure you know the right balance to visuals and texts, because these are just some of the many things you need to consider. But don’t worry as long as your improve your store whenever you notice something bothering your customers, you will eventually find the right formula for your business.

5. Try to use wishlist reminder emails

The wish list reminder email is something close to an abandoned cart email that I’m sure you’ve heard about. They are both used to convince your customers to continue to the next step in buying the product they wanted to. So, if it has been a while since your customer has checked their wishlist, or if you have a product on sale which is in your customers wish list, or for whatever relevant reason send them an email to remind them about it. Some people just needs to be reminded.

6. Make your Email Campaigns better

Catching a bunch of email addresses is not easy and it’s also not enough to just collect them because you have to send out emails on a regular basis. Your subscribers would love to receive emails from you in different occasions. Make sure that you make use of Holidays, sales, promos, and wherever else makes your customers happy.

7. Gain more email subscribers

In online marketing, emails are one of the best channels at your disposal. Emails drive traffic to your store, it supplements your content marketing, and it most of the time has better performance than social medias at generating sales. Some people don’t believe that email marketing works, but study has proven that it actually does; Direct marketing association has shown that email has a return of investment of 4,300%, 70% of people use coupons and discounts they get from their emails, new messages that are sent to personal emails are most of the time cherished by customers. Lastly, make sure that no matter how much supporters you get, you need to keep promoting your business and keep sending them newsletters.

8. Lessen Abandoned Carts

When you miss out on potential customers, you are losing money. This is something we can’t argue about but shouldn’t be taken personally because it happens to every business on a daily basis. What happens most of time is that the customer would add items into their shopping cart then abandon it when they’re about to reach the checkout point. There are many ways to lessen shopping cart abandonment rate, but one simple and effective way is by creating an email recovery campaign that would remind your customers. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and create a good email that would entice your customer to go back to their cart and proceed with their purchase. Shopify admin allows you to directly do it but there are other apps available.

9. Integrate your Instagram

In average, the order value from Instagram is $65, this is higher compares to other social media platforms. Studies has also shown Instagram to be able to give brands 35% more engagement compared to what other platforms could give. Using the right hashtags, right time to post, and right filters would attract more following to your businesses Instagram. Remember that it’s also important to engage with your audience. There are many ways to engage with your audience on Instagram, you can try doing contests, behind the scenes, as well as show users using your products. User generated pictures are great for generating social proof. Your audience would be able to see that users like them are using your products, they become more likely to purchase when they see someone they can relate to using your products.

10. Make sure you upsell your products “You might be interested in this upgrade?”

I’m pretty sure if you purchase online you have already come across a similar question. That’s one way to upsell your products. Upselling is your effort to sell a product a bit more expensive and somehow better than the product your customer is considering. This strategy works, Econsultancy has stated that upselling is more effective compared to cross-selling online by as much as 20 times. There are times when your customers aren’t aware of better options available, sometimes they think another product is better for their needs. So, when you upsell, remember to make sure you are emphasizing on the difference and what makes the product you are upselling better and also ask them if they are interested in upgrading.

There are two ways to upsell successfully, first is by making sure that the product you are upselling is related to the product they are considering to buy, and second, make sure you are also considering your customers price range. As long as you make sure you are considering your customer’s needs, the price range that they are on, and that the product you are upselling is really better than their choice.


There are a lot of available marketing strategies but what we have here is something that would definitely work for you because we made sure to choose the ones that are effective for every type of business. These 10 strategies will definitely help your business reach success in not time, go ahead and try them out. Goodluck!

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