Tapaffiliate Software vs OSI Affiliate software

Tapaffiliate Software

What is Tapaffiliate?

Tapaffiliate is a customizable affiliate program tracking software that advertisers could use to fill their site with their brand and allow their affiliates to experience a consistent user experience. Aside from that Tapaffiliate also gives merchant tools that they would need to manage their partners comprehensively. Publishers would also have the means they need to be able to promote the services to their viewers. Tapaffiliate provides a dashboard which includes tools used for reporting that would allow them to track their performance. The advertisers would also be able to create a customized commission structure and an automated payout structure for the affiliates. The platform could take care of it for the advertisers and they also have the option to do it through APIs. Payout wouldn’t be a problem with Tapaffiliate because it comes with a lot of methods, and merchants have the flexibility when it comes to giving incentives.

What are the benefits of Tapaffiliate?

It offers an easy set up

It’s not hard to set-up Tapaffiliate, it doesn’t come with complicated instructions. Once you choose this software, all you have to do is integrate it with your ecommerce shop, set up the commission structure and affiliate program, let partners use marketing content, and invite affiliates to promote your business. You can find out more about the Best Shopify Affiliate Plugins

It offers a commission structure that you can customize

With Tapaffiliate you can apply pre-existing deals or even customize a new commission structure. Tapaffiliate supports commission payout that’s recurring, so you won’t have to pay affiliates manually on a monthly basis.

It’s an Affiliate Referral Program

This platform supports marketing that’s multi-level, it has programs that allow merchants to give affiliates incentives in exchange for new customers. This allows you to gain more networks and expand the reach of your business.

It comes with publisher tools

You aren’t the only one which is given tools because they provide tools for your affiliates as well. They gain access to a dashboard filled with features and they gain access to related important information. They also get reports that let them see how they’re doing. The dashboard is also available in different languages.

The interface is customizable

Tapaffiliate advertisers can have their own affiliate tracking program. They can customize it the way that they want it to be, from the sign up page, the customer and affiliate experience- everything could be based on their own brand.

Tapaffiliate Features:
  • It Has An Automatic Program Tracking
  • Both The Affiliate And Merchant Have Their Own Dashboard
  • It Allows Recurring Commissions
  • You Can Offer Multiple Commission Types
  • It Supports Geo Distribution Stats
  • There Are Affiliate Profiles
  • There’s a Customizable Affiliate Sign-Up Page
  • There are Available Banners
  • There are Text Links
  • It Comes With Product Feeds
  • It Has a Automatic Fraud Detection
  • There are Triggers & API

OSI Affiliate Software

What is OSI Affiliate Software?

OSI Affiliate Software was built for companies of different sizes. Businesses from all over the world has proven it to be very effective. Organizers use OSI Affiliate software to manage their referral program and set it up to boost their sales and reach more customers. This software was designed for both the experts and newbies in referral marketing. This software makes brands realize the potential that existing customers already have and how they’re the right persons to help you start grow your business. OSI Affiliate software has everything you would need to create and manage a referral program.

Signing up with OSI Affiliate Software is also simple, you just have to enter your email address and they would be able to share the business in their socials, LinkedIn, and other platforms. This software does a great job in tracking the successful sales from affiliates. Merchants have the option to give different types of commissions, it could be anything from coupons, contests, incentives, discounts, etc. Admins of the referral program would be able to view the statistics and commissions right from their dashboard. Affiliates would also be able to check their progress from their own dashboard.

What are the benefits of OSI Affiliate Software?

There are social media referrals

With OSI it becomes easier to get social media referrals. You would be able to promote your business on their social media account and reach more people. This is a good way to open yourself to new customers and reach places you haven’t reached.

It has a contest manager

With OSI you can create a contest related to referral marketing to gain more sales and traffic. This software allows you to drive sales into your online store through a contest. Affiliates could be part of this and whoever brings more customers could be the one to get a reward.

You can give discounts

You can give your affiliates discounts for referring your business. Whenever a person signs up with a coupon, you would be receiving a discount and your affiliate would be getting a commission in exchange. This is a good way to create a referral marketing loop.

What are the features of OSI?
  • It is an affiliate management software filled with features
  • It offers commission calculations
  • It has dashboard statistics for affiliates, admins, and merchants
  • There are customizable email templates
  • It comes with a feedback management tool
  • It offers commission and rewards for referral partners
  • There are own portals for referral partners
  • It comes with referral tracking
  • It has reporting
  • It runs referral contests
  • You can setup a sign-up page
  • There are social media integrations

Which is better? OSI Affiliate Software or Tapaffiliate Software?

OSI Affiliate Software is built for an size of business and it has the easiest interface when it comes to referral programs. For these two affiliate program software, we like OSI Affiliate Software because it has rich, effective, and high quality features at a low price.

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