Tapaffiliate Software vs Leaddyno

Tapaffiliate Software

What is Tapaffiliate?

Tapaffiliate affiliate program tracking software is customizable and allows you to use their tools and features to add engagement in your website while allowing affiliates to have a consistent amazing experience. Tapaffiliate also gives merchants tools to manage their affiliates comprehensively. Publishers would have the means to promote services and products to their audience. Tapaffiliate has a dashboard that includes tools for tracking and reporting real time. It also allows customization and automation of commission and payout for affiliates. If you’re worried about the difficulty of having to go through the payout, don’t worry because this software allows different payout methods, and you could have the flexibility you need when it comes to incentives.

What are the benefits of Tapaffiliate?

It offers an easy set up

Setting up Tapaffiliate is not hard, it’s not complicated and it comes with the simplest instructions. When you choose this software, you just have to integrate it with your eCommerce shop. After integration setting up the affiliate program and the structure for commissions come easy. You could allow your affiliates to use your content once you have invited them to promote your business.

It offers a commission structure that you can customize

Tapaffiliate also allows you to apply for deals that are pre-existing and customize your own commission structure. It supports recurring commissions, meaning there wouldn’t be any need for you to pay your affiliates manually every time.

It’s an Affiliate Referral Program

Tapaffiliate supports multi-level marketing. It offer programs to merchants that would give the affiliates incentives for every person they turn into customers. This makes you have a wider audience reach and gives you a great chance to expand your business.

It comes with publisher tools

Tools that Tapaffiliate provide isn’t just for you the merchant, they also have tools that your affiliate would benefit from. Your affiliates are also given their own dashboard that would give them access to important information. They also receive real time reports which would show how they are doing. To make it useful and easy to navigate for everyone, the dashboard is also available in different languages.

The interface is customizable

It also comes with a customizable interface so that merchants could have their very own affiliate tracking program. When your affiliate program looks exactly the way your brand does, it becomes more trustworthy. So being able to customize your signup page, and all the other aspects give your customers and affiliates an experience based on your brand.

Tapaffiliate Features:

  • It Allows Recurring Commissions
  • There’s a Customizable Affiliate Sign-Up Page
  • There are Available Banners
  • There are Text Links
  • You Can Offer Multiple Commission Types
  • It Supports Geo Distribution Stats
  • There Are Affiliate Profiles
  • It Comes With Product Feeds
  • It Has a Automatic Fraud Detection
  • There are Triggers & API
  • It Has An Automatic Program Tracking
  • Both The Affiliate And Merchant Have Their Own Dashboard


What is leaddyno?

LeadDyno is an automatic system used for operating affiliate programs and tracking where your leads come from. This software could be used to track the progress, recruit affiliates, and increase your sales. This software also has the ability to help them promote your brand, even on social media platforms.

What are the benefits of leaddyno?

It Allows You To Sign Up New Affiliates

The moment you get your LeadDyno Account through signing up, LeadDyno would be creating a signup page for you that your affiliates could use. It would be hosted by leaddyno. This is a customizable page, you could add your logo and change the colors. Using iFrame mode, you can embed your own website.

You Have an Automated “Welcome” Email for New Affiliates

When you new affiliates sign up, LeadDyno has an automatic email which you could use to welcome the affiliates to your program. This email would have every information they would need to get started right away. This also contains their unique referral link and a lunk to their very own dashboard.

It Has a One-Click Social Sharing

The affiliate dashboard has everything your affiliate would need in order to promote your products and services. Your affiliate would also be able to track their progress from dashboard real time. On the first page of their dashboard they get to see their unique referral code, and their sharing buttons for social media channels. So, once they have logged in to their social media channels and email, they just have to click their button.

What are the features of Leaddyno?

  • It comes with a single click social media platform sharing option
  • It comes with Bigcommerce affiliate tracking
  • It’s also integrated with Chargify affiliate tracking
  • It automatically sends out welcome emails to your new affiliates
  • It sets up your affiliate program within minutes
  • It has Shopify affiliate tracking
  • It’s easy to track affiliates
  • Your affiliates have their own Affiliate Dashboard
  • You can track affiliate commissions real time
  • It’s integrated with a lot of software

Which one is better?

After checking out these two side by side, it’s not a surprise that we like Tapaffiliate better because of its capabilities, customizability, and flexibility. We hope this side by side comparison help you decide which one would fit your business better.

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