ShareASale vs. OSI Affiliate


ShareASale has been known to be an efficient, accurate and fast affiliate marketing network that supports merchants and affiliates boos the income they would get no matter if they’re on an international market or domestic plane. Customers could expect ShareASale to help them grow because their solution has been known by affiliates and vendors to be able to assist them in every aspect. ShareASale was built with advanced technologies that would allow users to track down clicks real time and have their data organized, this allows them to connect all the facts they have of their marketing strategy. This makes enhanced efficiency and boosted productivity possible in terms of how affiliate tools such as links and tapped earning chances are handled

More about ShareASale

ShareASale was founded in 2000 and it was one of the first affiliate programs to launch. As affiliate marketing became more popular, they were busying themselves with fixing initial bugs and issues. Let’s go straight to 18 years later, they are still consistent in growing and improving their program. They have more than 4,500 partners with over a thousand of that exclusive and known world-wide for being highly customizable. They have also made their solution easier to use for publishers that are new to this scene. Everyone could sign up easily with them, it only takes five steps which includes an ID, a username, website info, contact info, email address, and account payment info.

There’s a $5 fee for a background check but once the check is completed, you’ll be getting it back. Publishers would then pay $25 per month if you account balance is less than $50. If your balance don’t reach $25 your account would be deleted. And since they have a rule to delete accounts below $25 they also don’t let fees get from those below a minimum without alerting you. They are very honest with the fees, and don’t allow any unexpected charges to surprise you. Because of this set up, it’s more ideal for you to sign up when you already have traffic and you are really committed to sell.

As a merchant you would have to pay $650, that includes $550 initial network access, and a $100 minimum deposit. This assures publishers that they will have larger merchants who can afford to shell out. What else is in the merchant cost? There’s an ad serving charge which is for the ads, buttons, text links, and screening of their publishers. It also has a merchant service feature that gives merchants access to webinars, welcome kit, best practices series, and program diagnostic. In other words, the merchant has to put in effort into sticking around and make advertising their products easier for the publishers. Whenever there’s a sale from ShareASale, you have to pay 20% for transaction fees. After 60 days, the merchant needs to have $10 in their account and $25 after 120 days. Whenever they don’t have that amount the account will be charged the difference monthly. They offer different type of ads such as image, text, widgets, banners, popups and dynamics. They could also be customizable to the way you want it to be.


They have resources for learning- if you are new at affiliate marketing they offer resources to help you learn easily. You could learn how to boost your skills with them. That also allows you to maximize the use of the platform so that you could increase your earning and expand your product reach.

They offer diagnostic- they give reports that are complimentary and specialized to show merchants the important part of business ventures that are successful. They identify critical points in order to better optimize and achieve their goal. They also offer support, but they emphasize more on features they need to focus on so they grow their network and attain success.

Recommendations- when affiliates don’t know how and where to begin they give them a nudge towards the right direction. They offer recommendations on merchants that they think would match the criteria of the affiliate. This also makes them assured to get good commissions because they are the best brands on the platform.

Advance technology- they come with tools that would assist both the affiliates and vendors. They have a click monitor that would alert users with a banner real time, links, or when a link has been clicked and it leads to a sale. This makes each user aware of what is happening in the network, and makes sure that there aren’t any update that’s missed. APIs are also provided for both the merchant and affiliates to utilize pulling up of reports about variety of matters. This allows people to learn and understand their activities more.

  • It has a training tool for programs
  • There are webinars for trainings
  • Diagnostic for programs
  • Diagnostic for affiliates
  • Recommendations for merchants
  • Real time tracking of clicks
  • Education for affiliates
  • Report for clickstream
  • APIs
  • You can connect with multiple stores
  • There’s a custom link creation
  • You can register instantly
  • There’s a professional support
  • Products are high paying
  • It could be difficult to choose the right offer when promoting
OSI Affiliate

Companies of all sizes use OSI Affiliate because it’s developed for that. Even organizations use them for setting up and managing their referral program to boost customer base. Expert and beginners would be able to use this software. It’s also known for making companies realize the marketing potential of their existing customers. Their software provides businesses to create and manage their own referral program. Visitors and customers could easily sign up with their email adds. They could also easily share the business profile on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

They could track any sale that’s successful by their referral partners. Companies could reward their referral partners through commissions or gift cards. And when you decide to incentivize your referrals, you could use coupons, discounts, and contests. If you are an admin, you could view sales and click commission invoices and statistics right from the central dashboard. And referrers could track their rewards in real time right from their own dashboard.

More about OSI Affiliate

Omnistar tells has to be integrated into your website, but that’s all you have to do so you could start referring your business to friends and family. When your site is referred by someone from the circle of friends, they would always visit your site. OSI Affiliate makes your business search result increase on search engines like Google because of all the links you will give your users, it makes it SEO friendly. They will also be giving you a wide variety of features. Think about marketing strategy, an organization would need to complete multiple objectives, and that would require man power and money but with Omnistar tell, they increase your business with less cost and man power.

They also provide a full pledged management to make more affiliation gain growth. Things are moe interesting and confident with Omnistar because your referral partners now have access to their portals. And all commissions are calculated easily using a dynamic dashboard statistic to show growth in business. It’s all easy to track. Even email templates are integrated with different social media integration such as Facebook, linkedIn, and others more.

Omnistar also has a feature for proper reporting, your customers could let you know what they think about your features. What many love about Omnistar is that the referral marketing strategy increases your business while your referrers business is rewarded because they are helping you. Their user interface welcomes every person who thinks that referral marketing is tight. Imagine, the integration part only takes 10 minutes. Their free integration is also done by their affiliate team. They make sure that you would have a way to widen your business reach to social media so you can easily refer the people you know.

A lot of companies don’t consider referral programs because they have no idea how to recruit referral partners, Omnistar solves this problem with their widget that allows anyone who visits your website to join. All they have to do is put in their email add and they would be able to get their unique link. In 2015, they have been awarded “experts choice”, in 2017 they were awarded the “great user experience award.”

A lot of companies and organizations use different tools for different needs, and that’s where Omnistar Tell excels because it’s not only the business who gets a benefit but also the customers, their features has the best function you would find for every task needed to complete. Every reward would be given either in discounts or gift cards. Bottom line is, OSI Affiliatee gives a simple interface for every tool but would be perfect for any task you would need to start and make your campaign become successful. They are also integraed with Shopify, PayPal, MailChimp, Amazon, and others more.


Omnistar Tell makes it easy for you to get referrals from social media channels. Your customers would have the ability to easily promote your business in social media channels. In order to get more sales, they can share their link in social media.

You can create a referral program contest to increase more sales because your referrers are motivated. Your customers could join the contest and whoever gets the most sale will be rewarded.

You can also send a net promoter score email so you could see which customer will refer you. The customer who gets a high score will then receive a referral link so they could share to their family and friends. This makes recruiting easier.

You can also give your customers coupons and rewards to use to better refer your business. If a person sign up with a coupon, they will get the discount and your referrer will get their commission. When yu use this feature you are starting a referral program loop.

  • Management of your affiliates
  • Calculations of your commissions
  • Statistics in your dashboard
  • Templates for emails
  • Feedbacks
  • You can offer reward and commissions
  • Your referrers have access to their own portals
  • Tracking referrals is made easy
  • Reporting
  • Contests for referrals
  • Easy set up and sign up
  • Integration with social media channels
  • It’s very easy to set up and use
  • You get the value for what you invest
  • Amazing customer support
  • Amazing interface
  • None that we could find

When we compare these two, they are both very good. But OSI Affiliate has taken the best side for every parameter. It’s an overall package that could bring growth to your business without investing too much. It’s given that each organization or company have different requirement and needs but OSI Affiliate made sure to have all the tool you would need to grow your business with the customers that you already have.

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