Best Brand Ambassador Software

Getting a brand ambassador to promote you may be difficult if you don’t have software. Not only do you need to give them an exclusive link that they can use for their promotion, you also need to be able to track how well their promotions are performing. The software featured in this article will show you the tools that can help you recruit several ambassadors for your brand.

What is a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who embodies your business. He or she should not only promote your business but also have values that resonate with your business. In this age of influencers, it is easy to find someone who resonates with your brand’s values. These people are the best brand ambassadors for they can do more than just promote your business to their followers. They can also be loyal users of your products or services.

Why Have a Brand Ambassador

Selling a product or having a business without an ambassador may be quite hard. Customers now need more than just a sales page. They need proof that the product works and it is worth their money. Brand ambassadors do that. They do not only share the products to their followers. They also explain why they support the brand and why their followers must do the same. Because of this, the promotion is often stronger and more effective.

What is The Best Software For Brand Ambassador

There are several softwares that you can use to not only get a brand ambassador to promote you but also track how well each ambassador is doing. These softwares will give you some options on how you can generate exclusive links for your ambassadors.


One of the best software that you can use to recruit brand ambassadors is Osi Affiliate. This is more than your ordinary affiliate software for it allows you to have contests and special discount codes that are made just for your ambassadors. Brand ambassadors often need a reason to promote you. They will not promote you simply because you ask them to. Giving them an exclusive discount code or giving them a chance to win a high ticket item in a contest will encourage them to promote you to their followers.

If you have always wanted to have an affiliate program in your website that is designed for brand ambassadors, then Osi Affiliate is the way to go. Price is affordable at $47 per month for basic, $97 per month for professional and $247/month for premium. Each has a limited number of tracking requests and users and some features are only available in higher tiers.


Want to know how well your ambassadors are doing when it comes to promoting your brand? You can track their performance using a tool called VNative (now called Trackier). This allows you to see which campaigns are working well and which you should rather drop. It has an advanced reporting system which allows you to see your conversions right off the bat. The best part is that all are done in real time. This is far better than other performance marketing softwares out there.

And that’s not all. There is also a feature to customize your reports based on certain goals. This will allow you to see your data in more detail so that you can tweak your campaigns accordingly.

Pricing for this is $299 per month for Pro and this includes 10,000 conversions and $499 for agency that have 40,000 conversions.


If we are going to talk about affiliate networks, then we could not avoid talking about Clickbank. It is the leading affiliate network for digital goods since the early days of Internet marketing. But today, it gives you access to an array of affiliate programs that you can promote in your website.

If you want brand ambassadors to promote you, you may want to work on your reputation. You can get instant access to sellers by posting your product on Clickbank. This will allow you to build the reputation of your product that it is indeed sellable. Aside from that, Clickbank will allow you to easily generate an affiliate link for any brand ambassador who like to promote your website. No need for a built-in affiliate program in your site. Listing is free. They only get a percentage once you get some sales.

CJ Affiliate

Another site where you can promote your product is CJ Affiliate. Like Clickbank, it is an affiliate network that allows you to showcase your products to millions of publishers worldwide. Publishers flock to CJ Affiliate looking for products that are compatible with their existing content. So it is a great place to be in especially if you are just starting to look for your first brand ambassador.

Like Clickbank, CJ Affiliate allows you to easily generate affiliate links for your prospective ambassadors. With this, you no longer need to set up your own affiliate program in your website, You simply join a network of affiliates and CJ Affiliate will automatically generate your affiliate links for you. Since it is an affiliate network, you have plenty of opportunities to test the waters and see how well your product sells before you approach an ambassador to do it. And when you’re ready, you can easily generate an affiliate link for your chosen brand ambassador.


Viglink has changed its name recently to Sovrn // Commerce. It works in the same way as Clickbank and CJ Affiliate only that it is designed for ecommerce sellers than digital and physical product sellers. It has a place where merchants can post their offers and publishers can promote them.

Since this is an affiliate network, this gives you an opportunity to test your products before you approach your ambassador. Posting is free and the network only earns a portion when a publisher managers to sell something. This is good for ambassadors who also like to make some money on the side while promoting your products and services.


Affiliate tracking is very important if you want a brand ambassador to promote you. Not only do you need a way to give them an affiliate link so that you can track the sales that come from them, you also need to know how well they are performing. This can only be done through affiliate tracking and that is what Afftrack does so well.

What makes Afftrack special is that it does not only track clicks and conversions. It also filters out clicks from the same IP and proxies. This way, only the real clicks and conversions are recorded. Pricing is reasonable at $499 for unlimited everything for 12 months. It may even be cheaper than the other options available in the market.


Your conversions or sales will only be just as good as your data. But your data can only be accurate if you have an accurate tracking system to begin with. This should be able to track all traffic from your different campaigns and must be differentiated across the different brand ambassadors.

This will come in handy if you have multiple brand ambassadors and you want to know which ones are generating more sales for you. Voluum will give exclusive links to each campaign so that you can track how well each ambassador is doing in promoting your business. Pricing starts at $69 per month which is quite cheap. But this is only for 1 domain. If you have multiple domains to work with, you may need the advanced package which is priced at $449 per month.

Post Affiliate Pro

Looking for a way to create an affiliate program within your website? Post Affiliate Pro can help you do that. It works as an all-in-one tool for it allows you to not only create affiliate links for your ambassadors. You also get to track their performance in one convenient platform.

Pricing starts at $97 per month. And this is already good for 1 million tracking requests and unlimited affiliates.


Selling SAAS products should not be that hard. Affise is the only one of its kind that allows you to promote your SAAS to potential publishers. It is a great tool to promote your product to brand ambassadors in the niche.

Affise is a network for SAAS products. This allows them to give you an exclusive link to your ambassadors. It also has a built-in tracking system so that you can track ambassador performance right from your dashboard. Pricing starts at $299 per month and this is good for 10,000 conversions or 1 million impressions.


One of the fastest ways to grow your business is through word-of-mouth. This is done through a referral program where prospects are encouraged to promote a brand to their family and friends in exchange for a reward. Referral Candy is the leading brand in this area because it allows business owners to easily create referral programs right in their own website.

So if you want a brand ambassador to promote you. You need to give them a way to do that. One of the easiest ways to get them on board is to let them join your referral program. This will allow them to easily promote your products to their followers.


Joining affiliate networks can do two things for your business. One, it allows you to have access to their technology so that you can generate affiliate links for your potential brand ambassadors. Two, it gives you the opportunity to promote your product to other potential advertisers in the network. This is the reason why affiliate networks like Peerfly works so well. It is where product creators and publishers go if they want to make some money.

What makes networks attractive is that posting is free. Unlike other tools where you need to pay a monthly fee, affiliate networks doesn’t require any payment except when you manage to convert someone into a sale. However, they will have complete control over your affiliate program. If they close down, you stop earning money. Nonetheless, it is a great way to get an ambassador on board especially if you don’t have an affiliate program in your website.


Another affiliate network that is worth mentioning is Avantlink. It is similar to the other networks mentioned in this article but it is another avenue where you can promote your products. What you’ll love about Avantlink is their support and API connections. This will allow you to easily integrate your affiliate promotions to your website.

It is important to take note that this is an affiliate network. It is free except when you successfully make a transaction but you don’t have control over your promotions. It may be good for initially creating a link for your brand ambassador. But you may also want to explore self hosted options if you want to stay on the safe side.


Another referral marketing software that is worth looking into is Refersion. It is one of the leading softwares on referral programs and it continues to satisfy the needs of their clients up to this day.

It helps business owners by allowing them to create affiliate or referral programs right in their own website. They can do this with just a few clicks and they can instantly invite ambassadors to promote them.

Pricing for Refersion is $89 per month. This only includes 130 affiliate orders. You may need to contact their sales team if you want to upgrade your program to unlimited.


Referral marketing allows you to tap into the circle of trust of brand ambassadors and customers. With it, they can promote your brand to the people who are closest to them. Because of this, the chance of conversion is often higher. Make your business known by using OSI AFFILIATE SOFTWARE VS GO AFF PRO VS REFERRAL ROCK.

Ambassador is a referral software that is designed just for brand ambassadors. It helps them promote brands to the people who matters to them and thus, they get more sales.

Pricing cannot be seen in their website but they have options to create not just referral programs but also influencer campaigns, partner programs, affiliate programs and advocacy campaigns. All of these are done with a smart segmentation system that allows them to filter their prospects.

That ends the list of the best brand ambassador softwares. What do you like to use? Tell us in the comments below.

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