Best Wix Affiliate App (Updated Jul 2024 )

Our Pick For Best Wix Affiliate App

Wix is one of the best website platforms online. It offers a great user experience and tons of features for your website development needs. Using this will allow you to have a website in a matter of hours. 

But creating a website is only one part of the equation. You also need to promote your website if you want to get more benefits from it. With that, there is software that you can use. 

1. OSI Affiliate Software

Using referral software can be an effective way to increase sales. By offering something of value in exchange for advertising your products, you empower your customers to promote you. It differs from affiliate marketing programs because the rewards can vary. The advantages are simplicity and the more likely success because referrers don’t need traffic or any other support mechanisms beyond the links that they will get from the software. OSI Affiliate is a fantastic tool for this. 

2. Talkable

Referral-based platforms are democratizing the process of delivering personalized referrals. Organizations are now using referral engines. Not only do these platforms offer an effective way to transform social networks into customer networks, but they also provide insight into people’s preferences, habits, and lifestyles. Able to reveal knowledge about what people want or need by giving them personalized recommendations based on where they live or work, sales have increased by 15%. Talkable can do this. It sends customized referrals. 

3. Advocately

A lot of people are skeptical about user-generated content on the internet. There’s a genuine concern that ordinary individuals can get their hands on damaging information and strategically manipulate it to make someone seem terrible or malicious in public opinion. 

That is why many companies turn towards professional reputation management services like Advocately for help with safeguarding any good name they may have garnered as an organization over decades spent building goodwill among their customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders alike. 

4. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing software that allows users to offer rewards in exchange for referrals.

ReferralCandy offers tools and services designed to help you grow your business by rewarding customers with incentives like cash, gift cards, or discounts if they refer people to do business with you.

5. Savyour Affiliate Partner

Savyour Affiliate Partner is a partnership referral software that helps businesses to generate leads and increase sales by attracting new customers through word-of-mouth.

The critical difference between Savyour Affiliate Partner and other online affiliate marketing solutions is their partnerships are designed differently. They work with their clients to build custom plans containing an agreed-upon amount of commissions plus bonus offers for referrals. So they have a custom program for their affiliates instead of a general program where everyone can sign up.  

6. Bamboo Referral Program

Bamboo referral software helps you run a fully automated, 360-degree customer referral program. The software enables you to reward customers for recommending your business and gives your whole team the constant visibility they need to retain these new customers.

The 360 Degree Behavior Tracking (DASHBOARD) is a service that tracks the behavior of referrals on an integrated platform. Wherever you might spend the lifetime value of those referrals, the DASHBOARD will follow their every action —opening emails, engaging with SMS campaigns or live chat sessions—and report it back in real-time.

With this information, you can be more strategic about where and how much marketing money you will spend. 

7. Invitebox

InviteBox is a tool for creating and sending referral rewards via email, social media, SMS, and direct mail.

InviteBox allows you to easily create referral programs that give new customers incentives in the form of cash, company swag, or a large number of bonus points. 

After signing up with InviteBox, you can create your custom offers- that they call “Referral Rewards.” You can then share these Referral Rewards through various social sharing networks like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing campaigns, and direct mail. 

Each Referral Reward is designed with branding from your organization, so even if it’s shared on someone else’s wall or blog post, it will look like an offer from you!

8. Extole

Extole simplifies the process of referral for both senders and receivers. Senders can push content with just a few clicks to get it in front of potential receivers. Receivers have complete control over their inbox. With many features that help route collaboration and data-driven decisions, Extole eliminates frustration from sending unwanted messages that don’t lead to meaningful connections – furthering communities’ missions.

Extole is more than referral software – it’s about creating meaning in work through their customers’ shared values, interests, personal passions, and ideas aligned with those around them. They believe referrals are time-tested as the best form of marketing because they create spontaneous networks by extending trust at an individual level.

9. Mention Me

Mention Me is an invitation engine that rewards people for spreading the word about your product to new, targeted audiences.

Mention Me has the goal of doing for word-of-mouth what email did for direct mail. They are on a mission to make every referral simple, effective, and profitable – by awarding their customers with cash or a chance at even more with their daily contests in exchange for promoting products you’d be proud to share with friends and family.

10. ISORAW ‑ Rewards Done Right

ISORAW is a new referral software that enables users to create an unlimited number of reward campaigns and quality referral invites. The process of using ISO RAW is straightforward. The user imports his contacts, selects a campaign based on their offer, designates the duration and amount of rewards for each invitee/referrer, shares with their network, promotes through email marketing or social media platforms, and receives a commission. 

What sets ISO RAW apart from other programs out there is its relentless pursuit of providing both high-quality rewards as well as steady commissions. They understand that with any successful marketing strategy comes maintenance which makes them realize they must take care of their users by being fully transparent about payments.

What do you think of the referral software in this article? High-performing referral software will help you generate more leads with less effort. Let us know if you have any other questions in the comment section below.

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