Best Wix Referral Plugin (Updated Oct 2023)

Wix is an excellent platform for bloggers and entrepreneurs who are looking to build an online presence. We have tested and found you the best wix referral plugin.  You can use their tools to create your website, blog, or e-commerce store with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are tons of free apps that you can download from Wix’s app store to help you make your website even better! Here are some of our favorites.

Our Pick For Best Wix Referral Plugin

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software makes it simple for businesses to build long-lasting relationships with customers through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, also known as referral marketing or influencer promotion, is performance-based online advertising. You choose blogs and websites that you want to advertise your product on and pay them with every visitor they send to your site. This relationship between customer and business can last for years, strengthening both parties’ brands in the process. You can find out more about OSI Affiliate on their website. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a referral marketing company. Utilizing the power of the internet, they provide website owners with the tools and resources to get paid for promoting their websites in online forums and other websites.

PAP provides its affiliates with banners, landing pages, text links to promote their websites on different blogs, articles, or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The posting activity should be engaging enough for people to become focused on what they’re reading – so that they can read more of it while also checking out affiliate offers. It’s often tempting for readers to skim through content casually since there are always competing interests clamoring for their attention. PAP helps you to stand out. 


Affiliatify is a top-tier affiliate marketing agency that has been in the business for a long time. Their strategies are custom-tailored for brands, and they have made waves among their clients in bringing higher conversion rates to compensate for lower payouts.

From generating social media campaigns, optimizing web pages, building landing pages and blogs to managing paid search – Affiliatify takes a 360° approach by drawing from tried-and-true industry tactics. When it comes down to efficient return on investment, time is precious. Why depend on guessing the next big thing when you can spend your resources developing your strategy?


Influitive marketing helps B2B marketers share their thought leadership broadly and engage with buyers. Influitive’s influencer marketing solutions enable marketers to develop relationships with influencers, strategically write on relevant topics, and measure the effectiveness of their content efforts.

Influitive provides social referrals to generate new business leads for their clients’ organizations. Targeting prospective customers online through advocacy from other members of the company’s community who know them best increases their client’s bottom line by generating sales opportunities at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing strategies. 


Sellagram is a referral marketing company that uses video and social media to create lifelong customers.

At Sellagram, they have their simple formula for success in generating new business leads on the web using high-quality videos with well-written call-to-actions (CTA’s). They promote products and services with authority from real people. Their videos are typically short (less than 3 minutes in length) and informative, featuring straight answers in plain language about what sets your product or service apart from competitors.

Sales Team

Sales Team is a marketing solution that streamlines your process to convert customers for any software product. It is the fastest and most reliable way of increasing your sales.

Sales Team separates itself from the crowd with its list of features such as a social media dashboard and a competitive benchmarking analyzer. The tool is equipped with more than 1 billion data points about how other companies are growing their traffic and conversions. 


Enalito is a customer referral marketing company that helps companies increase online leads and conversions. They do this by attracting high-quality leads via their unique & proprietary media channels and engaging customers and prospects through various interactive activities on their web pages and mobile app. Then, they seamlessly deliver their audience to their favorite brands. Enalito provides unmatched customer service from the moment you land on one of their pages or when you download their app.

In addition to providing marketing services, Enalito also offers retargeting campaigns using its proprietary ad network, which reaches consumers across desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. They do this with personalized messages delivered at just the right time in the buying cycle.

Pongo Affiliate

Pongo Affiliate is a company that offers a wide range of services in the e-commerce industry related to customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization, monetization, and return on investment. They are an agency with over 103 million members, which allows them to provide their clients with many options for finding the right audience for their business. 

As an online retailer or marketer, they know that one of the most significant investments you can make is acquiring loyal customers that would promote your brand and talk positively about your products and services.

Mention Me is a referral marketing service that offers brands the chance to reward their customers for referring others to them.

Mention Me

Mention Me allows businesses with large customer bases, or those looking for new customer bases, to reach more people by asking their most satisfied customers to refer friends. 

This content-driven affiliate network has three pillars: social media, reviews, and blogs. It helps companies generate leads they were never able to market on their own before. 


LinkTrack is an innovative referral marketing platform for e-commerce companies that helps increase customer engagement and retention on the web. 

The system’s main goal was to eliminate the need to resort to spammy tactics, generate authentic relationships with users, and avoid interaction with hard sells. Instead of forcing visitors into becoming clients upfront (before they can get a taste of other products), you establish trust by recommending related goods first before offering more conversion incentives later. This strategy results in higher conversions because people are exposed to two products at once and because it’s got a personalized touch to every product recommendation. 

The best Wix referral plugins are the ones that make it easy to reach your audience and take advantage of social media. Let us know which app you’ve found most helpful in your own business by leaving a comment below.

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