Best Wix Referral software [Updated Oct 2023

At the time of running an automated reward based referral program, any person would need to think about getting hold of the best Wix referral software available for purchase out there. This can be an overwhelming decision to make as there are multiple software applications. Below mentioned are some of the best Wix referral software available for purchase as of now. 

1. OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is quite popular among people who are looking for the best Wix referral software out there. It can deliver some outstanding benefits when compared to other solutions available. That’s because this software comes along with a unique design, which would maximize the customer referral efforts. OSI Affiliate Software offers a variety of outstanding features. For example, it is possible to send out a large number of promotional mails and convert with the help of the software. On the other hand, it comes along with a feature that allows to create social media integrations. It offers an excellent coupon generation facility as well. This tool also offers features to run analytics and get detailed information on social media impressions and sales analytics. Hence, anyone who wants to locate the best Wix referral software can stick to this. 

2. Savyour Affiliate Partner

Savyour Affiliate Partner is a comprehensive platform that anyone can start using for Wix referral marketing. It comes along with an excellent user interface. This user interface allows people to create their affiliate campaigns without a challenge. Another great feature in this tool is the ability to go for convenient integrations and ensure workflow automation without a challenge. 

3. Referral SaaSquatch

Referral SaaSquatch is a reputed solution available for the people who wish to take referral marketing to the next level. It is much better than regular referral programs available out there. On the other hand, the software ensures to maximize the efforts put on referral marketing through performance metrics and analytics. On the other hand, Referral SaaSquatch provides access to all the valuable tools that someone would need to report, monitor, and reward the affiliates.

4. AAA – Affiliate Marketing PRO

AAA – Affiliate Marketing PRO is a tool that helps people to minimize the struggles that they have to go through when running affiliate marketing campaigns. This tool also provides one-click social sharing options. It will help them to get the maximum returns coming along with their favorite social media platforms. On top of that, AAA – Affiliate Marketing PRO is handling the payout of commissions via PayPal. This solution is offering a tier system for the mates as well.

5. GrowthHero

You can easily amplify the affiliate marketing efforts with the support of GrowthHero. This tool offers coupons and discount codes, which influencers and affiliates can use in order to encourage people in making purchases. On the other hand, GrowthHero will create custom links, which any person can share with any other person. This will eventually help to create a brand new pool containing leads. With the help of GrowthHero, it is also possible to develop a multi-level referral program without a challenge. This will help to boost affiliate marketing efforts. 

6. Referral Candy

Referral Candy is an all in one platform that offers you the chance to run Wix referral programs. This application is offering a bunch of outstanding features. These features can be used to run affiliate marketing campaigns without a challenge. On the other hand, it can run both affiliate and referral programs at the same time. On top of that, this tool can be used to track and optimize the affiliate marketing efforts at any given time as well. 

7. Advocately

Advocately can help you to take your referral marketing campaigns to the next level. It offers specific features that you can use to proceed with Wix referral marketing. You can create unique and one off campaigns, which will help you with sending out customized marketing messages to the loyal customers. You will have complete freedom to pick the templates and then select the designs. On the other hand, you can go ahead and generate maximum returns out of Advocately as well.

8. Post Affiliate Pro

You can run data-based affiliate marketing and referral marketing campaigns with the help of Post Affiliate Pro. It offers a convenient dashboard, where you will be able to manage all the features effectively. On the other hand, it will provide a clear picture to you on what you will be able to do to attract more affiliates. You can get deep data analytics related to the traffic generated by sales sites with Post Affiliate Pro. Moreover, you may also use Post Affiliate Pro to create coupon codes and run better affiliate marketing campaigns.

9. 360º Referral Program Suite

Once you start using 360º Referral Program Suite for affiliate marketing efforts, you can effectively cut down the expenses. It is providing a simple and an easy to use solution that you can use for marketing. You can create a new URL for each affiliate and make their lives easy with affiliate marketing. The dashboard will help you to manage all the sales that are generated by the mas well. If you are a beginner, you may think about using the 360º Referral Program Suite to make your life easy. 

10. Beauty Clout

Beauty Clout is a tool that can help you to hire beauty influencers for affiliate marketing. They are providing beauty clout gigs, which you can use to proceed with the marketing efforts. If you wish to barter products for promotional services with beauty influencers, look no further as Beauty Clout can deliver a perfect solution. You will be impressed with what this solution can deliver to you as well.  

Take a look at these tools and pick the best one among them as your Wix referral software. Then you just need to focus on getting the most out of available features in the tool to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns.

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