10 Best WordPress Affiliate Software

Install Affiliate Software to open up a new avenue of opportunity for you or your business that will allow it to grow and expand.

Affiliate gives small retailers the best ways to sell anywhere. With Affiliate, you can create a beautiful online store in minutes, promote it through social media and email marketing, and process transactions on mobile phones and tablets. In other words, Affiliate lets you control how you sell from any device with their beautifully designed web app or app for iPhone. Add mobile checkout on any Apple phone or tablet and now selling anywhere just got more accessible too.

The best WordPress Affiliate software can be challenging to find. With so many options available, it can seem overwhelming when you don’t know what is right for your business. Here is some software to consider before making a decision about which option is right for you: 

1. OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is a suite of Affiliate plugins for affiliate management and tracking from both sides of the conversion.

OSI Affiliate Software benefits include the single platform interface, carrier-grade hosting, and SSL encryption, advanced cohort analytics with daily conversion feeds, coupons/discounts management (from -15% to 50%), detailed reports that save you time (+62 hours per year!), 

OSI Affiliate Software is designed for ease of use both for merchants themselves as well as vendors looking to find products. 

It offers features that add depth to your relationship with suppliers without stopping at just basic ordering functionality or automated fulfillment. You can also share your site on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

2. iRefer

iRefer helps business owners grow their businesses by making it easy for customers to find a matching professional to meet all of their needs while finding qualified referral professionals who share the same values.

If you’re just starting on this whole entrepreneurial or “solopreneur” journey, iRefer can be a constructive way for you to find qualified referrals in your area. 

3. RewardReach

RewardReach is an affiliate integration platform designed to help eCommerce companies increase customer acquisition and retention through rewards, referrals, and gamification. 

4. Friendly

Friendbuy is a referral marketing platform that facilitates personal and professional connections between companies looking to get noticed and prospective customers. Friendbuy, with its revolutionary technology platform, ethically delivers these interactions. 

On the company’s side, over 30k brands trust them with their eCommerce distribution needs and high caliber customer acquisition. 

Friendbuy is one of many different platforms that offer referral sales that give buyers incentives such as discounts or gift cards for referring friends who buy items they like online. 

5. Awin

 Awin is a Affiliate software that allows you to create stores and launch marketing campaigns all from your mobile device. With the app, entrepreneurs can easily track growth, analytics, and engagement data on their store in real-time – from anywhere at any time. The dashboard will stay up-to-date throughout the day with graph updates for your revenue, the number of products viewed by customers this week, and so on.

6. Click Meter

Click Meter is an analytics application that helps you understand how visitors navigate through your online store.

It tracks what pages of your store they visit, how often, and for how long. With this information, you can optimize to grab their attention and convert them into customers! It also tells you the device type they used when visiting your site so that you can ensure it’s optimized for their needs as well. Worth checking out!

7. Affiliatly

Affiliately is a Affiliate affiliate service that allows merchants on Affiliate to promote their products quickly and conveniently by receiving payment from each sale they make.

Affiliately offers the benefits of advertising online without costly fixed-bid campaigns, time-intensive tracking tasks, or complex systems integration. Merchants can enjoy cost-effective marketing solutions as they scale and grow their business with an Affiliatly dedicated sales force who advertises your store for you using targeted demographic data.

8. Sellagram

Sellagram is a Affiliate app that optimizes your product page for conversions. It loads products in an organized way to help you sell more, with less work on the back-end.

It generates thumbnails of images, so they show up in search rankings and attract new visitors. Handles all of your SEO needs so you can rank high for relevant keywords on Google, also tweets out direct links to products from within the app, and categorizes products automatically from whatever category or taxonomy you enter them as–saving a ton of time.

It makes it super simple to optimize the appearance and add reviews for every single product without tracking each one. 

9. Beauty Clout

Beauty Clout is Affiliate software, the world’s leading shopping cart solution for beauty. It makes it easy for beauty brands to build and maintain their online shops anywhere in the world to focus more of their time and energy on developing great products.

10. AddShoppers

AddShoppers helps you create more sales by optimizing your listings with their proprietary technology for ranking well in Amazon’s search engine. It also includes email templates, daily deals, keyword analysis, export data from Amazon seller central to CSV format, and much more! 


Affiliate is one of the most straightforward and most thorough online retail platforms, making it easy to get started with a comprehensive solution for stand-alone stores.

Affiliate integrates with merchant accounts, gateways, and financial institutions; all needed are designs or digital products to sell on storefronts which will be automatically created due to the platform’s seamless setup process.

You can launch a unique shopping cart in hours rather than days, and they provide beautiful themes – risk-free! Add new products using raw HTML or through their intuitive point-and-click editor. It also features unlimited bandwidth and storage, so your sales never fall short as you continue to grow an already successful business.

Looking for the best WordPress Affiliate software to help you get set up with a premium eCommerce website? Comment below and tell us what your most significant pain points are when it comes to online business, and we’ll be sure to send you some of our top recommendations.

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