10 Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

The best WooCommerce affiliate plugin will help you make money with your site. It is a fantastic way to grow your business and earn an extra income from home. You can also use it to monetize blog content, social media posts, or any other type of online publishing. All you need is a website.

To learn more about the best WooCommerce affiliate plugin, read below for helpful resources and tips on how to get started today!

1. OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is an affiliate plugin to manage commissions, log-ins, and downloads remotely. It manages affiliates’ accounts using a point system based on access level for quicker signup and commission reporting.

OSI Affiliate Software helps companies manage their affiliate program by automating the entire process. The software grants your company maximum flexibility in managing affiliates, with the ability to set monthly limits on commissions for specific products or marketing approaches by affiliates. 

2. Everflow

Everflow is a WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to monetize your content by adding targeted ads directly into your posts.

Everflow is an advanced and lightweight code-based solution for generating revenue from visitors who visit your site. It doesn’t require servers or hosting; it only requires PHP functionality which most web hosts will already have installed on their servers. There are no limits to how many sites can be running the plugin at any time. There is no central server component required to process transactions, load pages, or perform other typical tasks of a traditional website/server-based approach.

3. Beauty Clout

Beauty Clout is an affiliate plugin for existing eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, and WooThemes.

Since affiliate marketing can work best when the vendor has already validated their products with a loyal customer base, downloads include support for Facebook Promotions to help you generate more sales from existing customers.

Beauty Clout displays social media posts from your favorite beauty brands within your store layout to drive more social traffic and conversions!

4. Invitebox

Invitebox is one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. It lets you generate high converting, professional custom sales pages that sell your products without any costs or technical skills.

Invitebox offers a promising and innovative approach to online marketing as opposed to only showing an advertisement. This plugin monitors websites, social networks, and sponsored links search results to find ways to drive traffic to your site via sidebar ads, RSS feeds, or pop-ups on any web page – including Facebook with the new Facebook add-on. 

With this plugin installed, all you need is to copy & paste code into your website’s sidebars! It even has powerful tracking tools for seeing conversions from email invitations.

5. Savyour Affiliate Partner

Savyour Affiliate Partner is a tool that helps you increase your affiliate income. Removing the learning curve from an affiliate marketing campaign and providing all of the tools necessary to begin allows anyone to benefit cheaply from their efforts for hours of digital work each week.

Savyour Affiliate Partner is a 100% automated system that provides marketers with endless opportunities to promote products on commission while at the same time teaching them valuable skills in internet marketing. Instantly scalable and highly customizable marketing campaigns are at your fingertips with this innovative app!

6. Goaffpro

GoAffpro is an affiliate plugin for WordPress that allows you to monetize your website with affiliate links and promote many different products from many other stores.

The plugin provides you with complete control over the affiliates that are displayed on your site. Aside from that, it gives you the ability to customize every single link on your pages so that it turns into a functional, trackable link. 

You can also set up custom offers and store exclusives using particular URL parameters. And they will handle all of the order management-related headaches for you – no need to worry about tracking serial numbers or inputting order ID into separate chats or emails. 

7. iRefer

iRefer is an affiliate marketing tool to help you manage your referrals and increase sales.

Keep track of important emails in a convenient tabbed view so you can access the data quickly, no matter how many tabs you open.

Its primary function is to track your referrals, and together with SimilarWeb, operate in the background to analyze visitor data so that you can earn passive income. At the same time, you do other things throughout your day.

8. Referral Candy

Referral Candy is an affiliate plugin for WordPress that enables you to maximize the number of referrals your blog posts generate.

It works by automatically detecting any links and product names within your post, so when someone clicks on any link or product name, they are allowed to sign up as a referrer who will receive free products in return. Just install this plugin and watch referral numbers soar!

9. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro helps you run your affiliate business. This plugin has it all, from tracking products and commissions to running contests for affiliates and targeting them with custom offers.

Post Affiliate Pro is a WordPress Plugin that automates real-time data to simplify affiliate marketing and maximize work efficiency. 

It also provides features such as product tracking, custom commission rates each month based on KPIs, a graphical commission summary table, automatic contest creation with countdown timers, and automatic remarketing through segmentation of customers.

10. Hello Referrals

Hello Referrals gives a way of tipping off other affiliates about potential customers who have shown some interest during an initial visit.

Hello Referrals is working to make affiliate recruitment and marketing more profitable for even the smallest traders in this fast-growing market. When you tell them about someone whose name you know, they’ll send a referral email to that person on your behalf if they don’t already use your service. 


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