Best Affiliate Networks

1. Omnistar

With Omnistar, you can create an affiliate program and combine it with your website. You will get a new way to attract new clients to your business and boost your sales. Your website will start driving more traffic in and that will result in great results. In this way, most of your time and money will be saved and you will be able to do something productive instead. Their easy to use referral marketing tools will make your next campaign the most successful yet. They integrate with Shopify, Foxycart and many other apps as well. You can find out more about the Best Shopify Affiliate Plugins.

2. Rakuten Marketing

Their job is to connect advertisers with publishers and encourage marketers to bond with potential customers. They offer solutions that provide proven increase in profits. The title of being the industry’s #1 Affiliate Marketing Network was not achieved overnight, they have facilitated orders of more than 110 million in number. Rakuten’s services are in perfect synchronization with the right quality, technology, attributions, insights and a reach of around 202 countries in 25 currencies. They offer all these services along with protection for your brand while making sure that your affiliate marketing program is on the same page with federal requirements.

3. ShareASale

They are serving affiliate marketing solutions for 19 years with great success, efficiency and accuracy. They have earned an honest and fair reputation in the industry owing to their hard work and honesty towards clients. If you want to promote your business or any other brand, ShareASale will take care of it as they are doing for almost two decades. Their valuable experience has attracted more clients who are all satisfied and happy with what they have to offer. They offer services to merchants of home and garden, fashion, green, business and more.

4. Partner Network eBay

Make them your partner and share with your friends what you’re passionate about and like on eBay. You can share your finds with any one from the 1.1 billion listings on eBay. Partner Network eBay will give you the service of sharing with your friends and followers. This way, you will be able to drive traffic to your eBay listings with the help of their turnkey tools. Every follower that clicks on the listing and makes a purchase, you will earn money when they sell. They will also keep a track of purchases for you to look at.

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is your spot to maximize revenue and grow your business. They offer services to tackle the complexities and problems of digital commerce on a global level. It doesn’t matter if its conversion rates that you want to boost or run a subscription-based business. 2Checkout has got it all covered. They will help you with global payments, digital commerce, subscription billing, global tax and financial services, risk management and compliance and partner sales. Founded in 2006, 2checkout has valuable experience with their experts and management team and they are going to provide you with the best services.

6. Amazon Associates

When we start a business, we want the world to know about it so the sales come dragging in. Amazon affiliate program is going to help you through this process. You can join easily without any intervention of third-party advisors or approvals. You will be able to advertise from over a million products to advertise to your customers. Regardless of being a big business or simply a blogger, they will help you in monetizing your website according to your needs. You will earn up to 10% of advertising fees from qualifying purchases and not only the products that have been advertised.

7. CJ

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks. They are one of the largest with earnings of $13 billion annually. Your business will grow rapidly right after joining CJ Affiliate. They will provide services that will drive traffic to your website and make you engage with interactions that are useful. Choosing CJ will help you in expanding your business and its revenue. You will be given an opportunity to partner with one of the world’s best brands globally. You will also be able to promote your products and services and drive more world-class publishers for that purpose.

8. Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the best internet retailers available today. They allow manufacturers to sell their product and digital marketers to promote these products. If you as a customer are not satisfied with your purchase then Clickbank will take care of it by all means. They have a wide variety of items available on their website that are all high-quality and great to use. Clickbank is a great affiliate program to promote your products and earn money by selling them to potential clients either as wholesale or any other sale. You can look up any internet retailer and not even a single one of them will be having a standard as that of Clickbank.


The name says it all. LinkConnector is here to connect you with merchants and affiliates. You can join their industry-leading affiliate marketing network and become in charge of your sales. They will help you in becoming partners with a team of high quality and proven affiliates who will give you extraordinary customer support. You will also be able to establish a long-term relationship globally with recognized brands once you choose LinkConnector. They can assure you of maximizing the performance of your business with exclusive LC technologies.

10. RevenueWire

If you want a single platform to manage all your global transactions and their complexities, RevenueWire is the one for you. Your business will be provided with opportunities for growth through them as they will bring along partner programs and the effortless process of global payments. They work globally with 24 different languages, 33 currencies and 15 payment methods. They have 100s of top advisors. There are more than 25 thousand performance marketers working with them. Around 1 billion transactions have been made. Numerous acquisition models are available such as CPA, CPS and more. There is also a premium account management available.

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