OSI Software Review (Updated Mar 2021)

OSI Software is one of the well-known software known for creating and managing affiliate programs for various businesses. You will come across several marketing channels that will need to be managed properly. OSI Software is the kind of software that will provide successful sales to the customers and will provide the maximum Commission to the marketers. Anyone looking for SEO Services will definitely go for this software because of its excellent tools and features to get with the best assistance. The affiliate marketers are using this application and software, but the resellers are also working on the software to make the maximum Commission. Most people are a lot satisfied with the referral marketing feature of the software, and it is exactly the perfect choice for creating and managing the affiliate program and the referral marketing campaign.

OSI Software has a social media referral feature that will make it a lot easier for you to boost social media sales. Your customers will be more interested in your business with the referral marketing campaign. Also, you can share the special referral link to all the other customers for better sales.

One other benefit that you will be getting is contest management. OSI Software Bilal you in creating more sales and driving more customers. The contest will also help you to increase the commission and sales revenue. It is definitely worth giving a shot. Moreover, you can try out the different Commission rates and also direct campaigns to increase the traffic on your website. The more traffic you have, the more revenue you will be earning.

OSI Software is also offering discounts, and there is a free trial also available. You can always try out the free trial and see if the services are working for you or not. If not, you can always try out other software, but if yes, you can definitely sign up for the professional or any other plan that fits heads for your needs.

OSI Software Pricing

The starting price of the software is 47.9 $5 per month. However, you will be getting a free trial as well—most of the people who are using OSI Software web-based development and cloud development. And the live online training and webinars are also available for better training. The documentation will be provided. The support for 24/7 live representative is also available, and the business hours support and online support.

The OSI Software professional package will cost you 97.9 $7 per month with even better features of the software. You will be getting referral partners and reporting. The affiliate management and commission calculation are also some of the features that you will be getting. Email templates and referral tracking is also added.

The premium package includes even better features, and it is priced at 147 Dollars per month.

OSI Software Pros and Cons 


  • The different marketing techniques and tools are quite effective.
  • The customer support is excellent.
  • Web-based and cloud development is excellent.
  • This software offers the effortless management of the website.


  • This software does not elaborate on some of the tools.
  • A little difficult to navigate

Is OSI Software the Right Service For You?

Will, definitely it is the best and the perfect service that you will require for the management of your website. If you are planning to start a campaign that can help you with the best results, why not check the performance of the OSI Software. It is an excellent option for most people looking for the easy service they can get from the OS software. You can increase the functioning of your business and facilitate website visitors with the best results. You can also use it and integrate it with LinkedIn and Facebook, and other social media platforms. Most of the administrators can also use this software to see the sales and applied statistics. Along with that, this is the kind of software that will help you with boosting the customer base and will also provide you the best marketing results. For anyone looking for the potential software that can help integrate the business and help with Marketing potential increment, they can definitely look at OSI Software.

Recommended If

OSI Software is recommended if you are looking to set up the referral program and you are looking for help with the social media reference. It will also help you in solving the problems with the affiliate programs and managing them. The best user satisfaction will be provided, and better documentation and reports will help you with better and bigger changes.

Not Recommended If

OSI Software is major software that can help you with managing affiliate and referral programs. If you do not have a website related to these functions, you might need to look for some other option.

OSI Software Alternatives

  • Affise 
  • Affiliate WP
  • Vene Dash 
  • Traffic manager 
  • ShareASale


Overall, OSI Software is excellent in terms of performance and managing your affiliate programs. It is not only great for the affiliate programs, but it will also provide you the perfect statistics regarding the sales and the clicks. Over you will be getting just the right amount of sales and revenues with this software because of the boosting sales techniques. Also, there is a lot more that you must consider whenever you are looking for software that can help you with affiliate sales. Trust me; this one will take all the boxes for you. Not to forget about the pricing, which is even better. With all the other features that it will provide you, you will be getting just the right amount of features for your website. The pricing and the overall features are incredible, along with even better customer support.

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